Photo Album (Marian Kathleen Barton)

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Marian with husband Roy, summer 2011

Marian in Brazil

Marian & older sister Margie in 1927

Marian & older sister Margie ca. 1935

Marian (r) and Margie in 2006

Young Marian - ca. 1944

Marian & her 3 boys in the 1990s - Dan, Dave, Pat, Marian

w/sons & 2 of her grandkids: Pat, Marian, Dan, Liam. Dave w/Maya in front - in 2008

Marian with Donna & Cheryl, 2008

The whole family: (l to r; back to front): Pat, Angela, Dave, Marian, Donna, Linda, Dan, Cheryl, Roy

Son in law, Vince, Marian, Roy, and daughter Cheryl